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Adding parameters in Azure DevOps pipelines examples Part 1

This is an example of how to use parameters in Azure DevOps Pipeline YAML configurations. To start with this I have added first parameters: in the YAML file configuration. Under it I have multiple parameters, to create basic string parameter 3 properties are required name, displayName and type as …

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PowerShell convert shared folder permissions SDDL to readable format

While working with shared folder permissions, I wanted to document access and permissions of folders in readable format in automation way with PowerShell, You can see the permissions with below command of a folder. Access and permissions are in SDDL format, not in user friendly format to read, it co…

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Generate PowerShell Tree View HTML diagram of Active Directory group recursive memberships

Long back I wrote article on Powershell Active Directory: Show treeview of User or Group memberof hierarchy, where it was showing group Tree View on the PowerShell command console. In the hierarchy it was only showing Tree View of groups only. I improvised this script and included users as well. A…

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