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Continuing from my previous blog PART 2 : CONFIGURE AND PROMOTE ACTIVE DIRECTORY DOMAIN CONTROLLER ON VMWARE WORKSTATION, I want to configure my home lab full fledged for complete vSphere Lab. These are the some of things I configure in my LAB so I don't have to reinstall and reconfigure again and again and I don't break anything. I create separate OU structure for further testings. Open run, type and hit dsa.msc to open active directory users and computer management console. Right click domain name in my case, from context menu new select Organizational Unit. Dsa.msc create new OU in active directory users and computers

Whatever new users, computers I create I move them into these OUs, in case I want to test Group Policies i can test against MyLab organizational unit, I created MyLab OU and under it created 2 more ou Computers and Users for segregation purpose. create new orgnaization unit ou for lab

Copy/Clone Administrator user account under Users container by right clicking it. Give some name for copied user object, Provide user logon name and other information, Click next.Administrator user account clone copy

Provide it password and set password never expires, this option is good for home lab, As I don't want to keep changing periodically and last is summary. Once the user account is created it will be exact replica of Administrators account, and it will have all administrators privileges, you can check right clicking user and the member of tab.User account password never expires

As administrator was in Users container, You will find newly created user object in same container, find it right click and move it to MyLab\Users OU. Moving users from one ou to another ou

I create normal user account (non administrator), I may require them in the future. It is same process click on users, then New> users.create new user account in active directory.

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