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Part 3 Git clone version control integration in Visual Studio Code

Part 1 Git version control integration in Visual Studio Code
Part 2 Git master branch source control integration in Visual Studio Code 
Part 3 Git clone version control integration in Visual Studio Code
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All the earlier articles were to create a new git repository locally first and push/upload the existing code on remote git server. Now I will ask my colleague to pull/clone Git repository on his computer so we can start working collaboratively on developing devops codes. On another computer I have already installed visual studio code and git-scm. Open VSCode and open a empty folder from File menu.

visual studio code vscode version source control github git server bonobo open workspace folder empty repository browswer git stage commit clone fetch push pull.png

I will grab the Git url from my in house git server, which is not empty and it has codes written by me, if you are using or bitbucket this git url will look same. 

visual studio code vscode bonobo git server git url github devops powershell repository pull fetch git push

Next go to View >> Command Palette type Git: Clone search and press on Git: Clone option. Next on the repository URL paste the git url and press Enter. It will prompt a dialog box to select folder where I want to clone remote repository, now it will prompt for confirmation of Would you like to open the cloned repository, or add it to the current workspace? and click Open., It will start with master git folder and you can browse branches.

Visual studio code vscode command palette git clone repository url open cloned repository in the current workspace github version source control master branch.png

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