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Ansible Error couldn't resolve module vmware.vmware_rest

After resolving error VMware ansible Error couldn't resolve module community.vmware, I faced another error while upgrading hardware version on the VMware Virtual Machines, while using ansible vmware.guest in the task. Which derived from main module/plugin vmware.vm_rest. Below is the test template.

- name: VMWare tasks
  hosts: localhost
  connection: local
  gather_facts: no
	  vcIP: 'vcIP'
	  vcUSR: 'vcUSER'
	  vcPASS: 'vcPASS'
	  - name: Gather all registered virtual machines
		    hostname: '{{ vcIP }}'
		    username: '{{ vcUSER }}'
		    password: '{{ vcPASS}}'
		    vm_type: vm
		    validate_certs: no
	    delegate_to: localhost
	    register: vminfo
	  - name: Change hardware version
		    hostname: "{{ vcIP }}"
		    username: "{{ vcUSER }}"
		    password: "{{ vcPASS }}"
		    name: "{{ item.guest_name }}"
		      version: 15
		    validate_certs: False
      delegate_to: localhost
      loop: '{{ vminfo.virtual_machines }}'
	    register: vmhwversion
	  - debug: 
		    var: vmhwversion  

This is what the error looks like it says module or action vmware.vmware_rest.vcenter_vm_hardware missing or misspelled.

vmware vsphere esxi vcenter ansible-playbook yml yaml inventory ansible playbook vmware.vmware_rest.vcenter_vm_hardware module missing incorrect module path automation devops scripting.png

[root@centos02 ansible]$  ansible-playbook update.yml
[WARNING]: provided hosts list is empty, only localhost is available. Note that the implicit localhost does not match 'all'
ERROR! couldn't resolve module/action 'vmware.vmware_rest.vcenter_vm_hardware'. This often indicates a misspelling, missing collection, or incorrect module path.

The error appears to be in '/root/ansible/update.yml': line 91, column 7, but may
be elsewhere in the file depending on the exact syntax problem.

The offending line appears to be:

    - name: Upgrade the VM hardware version
      ^ here

To resolve this install collection module vmware.vmware_rest using ansible-galaxy command.

linux centos redhat ansible vmware vsphere vcenter esxi ansible-galaxy collection install vmware.vmware_rest ansible-playbook depedency map ansible_collections rest api automation devops.png

[root@centos02 ansible]$  ansible-galaxy collection install vmware.vmware_rest
Process install dependency map
Starting collection install process
Installing 'cloud.common:1.1.0' to '/root/.ansible/collections/ansible_collections/cloud/common'
Installing 'vmware.vmware_rest:1.0.1' to '/root/.ansible/collections/ansible_collections/vmware/vmware_rest'

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