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Azure DevOps Enable creation of classic build release pipelines grayed out

While configuring new Azure DevOps pipelines in the project I found classic editor is not visible in Pipelines section also few options under Pipelines were not visible such as releases and task groups. There is s a option to enable classic editor in Project Settings. To make changes navigate to Project Settings >> Pipelines >> Settings.

I found Disable creation of classic build pipelines and Disable creation of classic release pipelines were grayed out and no longer available make these feature on or off. Without these option enabled, No classic build or release pipelines task groups and deployment groups can be created / imported, but existing ones will continue to work.

When you hover on the on/off toggle box, there was a message This setting cannot be changed as it is enforced at the organization level.

Microsoft Azure Devops server pipelines Disable creation of classic build and release pipelines This setting cannot be changed as it is enforced at the organization level enable on off.png

To configure enable classic editor for pipelines at project level you will need to make changes at organization level. click Azure DevOps icon or name on the left top side. Next in the left bottom side click Organization Settings.

Microsoft Devops azure organization projects enable disable classic editor pipelines configuration.png

Under Organization Settings >> Pipelines Settings, Disable creation of classic build pipelines and Disable creation of classic release pipelines options are editable and on/off toggle button is editable to make changes as shown in the screenshot.

Microsoft Azure Devops general pipline settings Disable creation of classic build and release pipelines project settings protect access to repositories disable stage chooser.png

Once the settings are enabled. I see while creating Pipelines inside the wizard option Use the classic editor to create a pipeline without YAML is available now.

MIcrosoft Azure Devops overview boards repos pipelines environemnt use the classic editor grayed out releases build task groups deployment test plans artifacts.png

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