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Azure Web App Containers Cannot perform credential operations for providers Microsoft.ContainerRegistry ad admin user is disabled, enable it

While creating a new resource Service Plan Web APP with Container, while choosing option Image Source from Azure Container Registry (ACR) and selecting docker image I was receiving error Cannot perform credential operations for /subscriptions/9e22xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/resourceGroups/ as admin user is disabled. Kindly enable admin user as per docs:

Microsoft Azure Devops web app service plan container azure container registry cannot perfom credential operations admin user is disabled review create enable docker hub other registries docker compose preview.png

To resolve this issue go to the Azure Container Registry, in the Access Keys click check box on Admin user (If activated, you can use the registry name as username and admin user access key as password to docker login to your container registry.). Try creating Web App resource again. This time it will be succeeded.

Microsoft Azure Container registry ACR Access keys settings eanble admin user password encryption networking identity devops configuration web apps service plan azure.png

Just for additional information once Web App is created successfully using ACR container, Inside the Environment variables >> App settings you will se some auto variables connections are already created to connect to Azure container docker registry. Below are the Names and definition.

DOCKER_REGISTRY_SERVER_PASSWORD  ACR Access Keys Admin user password
DOCKER_REGISTRY_SERVER_USERNAME Name of the Azure container registry

Microsoft Azure Container Registry Azure web apps service plan environemnt variable DOCKER_REGISTRY_SERVER_PASSWORD url username storage configuration authentication application insights.png

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