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ESXi HP Blade start issue Enclosure power event detected, System Halted until power condition is corrected

Sometimes I receive below error on the HP Prolient Bladesystem ILO after server reboot, it refuses to complete post, shows message, 
Enclouse Power Even Detected
System Halted until Power Condition is Corrected

In most of the case to resolve it I reseat the blade in chassis enclosure (Remove blade and reinsert it again). This way issue is resolved by completely removing power source for that particular blade server.

vmware vCenter esxi HP Prolient blade enclosure power event detected halted until power condition is corrected, esxi server boot issues resolved, bay hp oa, onboard administrator .png

Most of the time servers are located in remote country and I have to take peer remote local administrator help to do the reseat blade server. This issue can be resolved from command line if you have complete information about Enclosure also called Active Onboard Administrator. To view info, Go to BL c-CLass menu, click on Active Onboard Administrator. Check the Blade location, in my case it is number 6.  Also note down the OA IP address this will require to putty later. Click launch button to open OA GUI.  

vmware vsphere esxi active onboard administrator hp prolient bladesystem enclosure, BL class launch OA, HP ILO esxi server

On the HPE BladeSystem Onboard Administrator again verify the device bay location. This is the same as shown in above screenshot.

1 HPE bladesystem Onboard Administrator, OA Vmware vsphere esxi, firmware upgrade device bay blade server, restart issue, hewlett Packard

Now open putty and log into HPE BladeSystem Onboard Administrator and run command RESET SERVER 6, this command is case sensitive, it shows user friendly message what will happen next.

Warning: Resetting the server trips its E-Fuse. This causes all power to be momentarily removed from the server. This command should only be used when physical access to the server is unavailable, and the server must be removed and reinsterted.

Any disk operations on direct attached storage devices will be affected. I/O will be interrupted on any direct attached I/O devices.

Entering anything other than 'YES' will result in the command not executing.

Type YES to proceed, it shows successful message - Successfully reset the E-Fuse for device bay 6.

2 vmware vsphere esxi, onboard administrator reset server blade device bay warning E-fuse hp system vmware vsphere esxi vcenter

As this completely power cycles blade, ILO will be inaccessible for a few minutes. Once it is accessible it can be viewed Post/reboot is successful in ILO remote console.

vmware vsphere esxi vcenter HP prolient bladesystem enclosure firmware upgrade cannot boot, stuck on power event detected

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