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How to PowerCLI VMware Snapshots Virtual Machines disks consolidation is needed

In earlier part Solved: VMware Snapshots Virtual Machines disks consolidation is needed I performed steps on vCenter Portal GUI. Here I will use VMware PowerCLI to perform the same steps to automate it. 

First step is to connect to vCenter server using command Connect-VIServer. Use below command to get the list of VMs where snapshot disks consolidation is required with status true or false.

Get-VM | Select-Object Name, @{N="Consolidation_Needed"; E={$_.ExtensionData.Runtime.consolidationNeeded}}

VMware vsphere vcenter esxi powercli connect-viserver credential get-vm Select-object administrator@vsphere.local extensiondata runtime consolidationneeded.png

Using below command I can get the only VMs list where snapshot consolidation is required. To initiate consolidation on VMs, use method ConsolidateVMDisks_Task(). To check the status of consolidation use command Get-Task.

Get-VM | Where-Object {$_.ExtensionData.Runtime.ConsolidationNeeded}
Get-VM | Where-Object {$_.ExtensionData.Runtime.ConsolidationNeeded} | Foreach-Object {$_.ExtensionData.ConsolidateVMDisks_Task()}


Vmware vsphere vcenter esxi consolidation powercli get-vm where-object extensiondata runtime snapshot consolidation needed consolidatevmdisks_task() automation.png

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