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Microsoft Azure PowerShell cmdlet 'this.Client.SubscriptionId' cannot be null

While working on one of my expired and disabled Microsoft Azure subscription with PowerShell, I was receiving error (Get-AzVirtualNetwork: 'this.Client.SubscriptionId' cannot be null) when trying to get information from Azure Virtual Network. Although I was receiving error for all the resources when getting information. Below are the two commands tried first.


Next to resolve this issue get the list of Azure subscription. In the followed command use one of the subscription name which you want to connect and set it as context in Az Powershell.

Get-AzSubscription -SubscriptionName <Your subscription name> | Set-AzContext

Microsoft Azure PowerShell Connect-AzAccount Get-AzVirtualNetwork Get-AzSubscription TenantId Subscription Set-Azcontext azurecloud environment automation.png

Once subscription is set as context (Sets the tenant, subscription, and environment for cmdlets to use in the current session), I am able to fetch Virtual Network information without any error.

Microsoft azure Get-AzVirtualNetwork resource group powershell vwan tags subnets subscription az cmdlets virtual network peering.png

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