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Part 2 Create a Virtual WAN (VWAN) on Azure Portal

In this second article series of the Azure Virtual WAN (VWAN), I am deploying actual Virtual WAN. Azure Virtual WAN is a networking service that offers enhanced, optimized and automated branch-to-branch connectivity across Azure. Virtual WAN lets you link up, connect and configure office, branch devices to connect and communicate with azure. This can be done either manually, or by using selected preferred provider devices through a Virtual WAN partner.  Make use of preferred provider devices lets you ease of use, generalization, simplification of connectivity and configuration management. The Azure WAN built-in dashboard offers rapid and fast troubleshooting insights that can help save you time and provides you an easy and effortless way to view large-scale Site-to-Site connectivity.

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In the given diagram I have already deployed green marked resource services and the red marked rectangle resource I am going to deploy in this article.

Microsoft vWAN Firewall Virtual Hub secured virtual network virtual machine vm vnet azure firewall microsoft azure networking routing branch subnet nsg subnet address space ip address pool.png

To create a new VWAN service resource inside Resource Group click + Create button.

Microsoft Azure portal Resource group virtual wan access control (IAM) create resource azure service vnet virtual network vwan virtual wan networking s2s site to site vpn expressroute.png

Search for Virtual WAN in the search bar and choose Virtual Wan box from the list.

Microsoft Azure marketplace create a resource virtual wan vwan branch to branch hub machine learning compute virtual machine vm containers networking vnet virtual network connectivity default directory firewall.png

Next click Create button.

Microsoft Virtual wan microsoft azure workspace hpc windows 10 Iot core services plans usage vwan hub marketplace create a resource site-to-site express route vpn connection firewall.png

The virtual WAN resource represents a virtual overlay of your Azure network and is a collection of multiple resources. For new VWAN provide Subscription and Resource Group name under Project details. Under Virtual WAN details provide Location, Name and Type.

There are 2 types of Virtual WAN can be deployed. Standard virtual WANs support connectivity between site-to-site VPN endpoints, VNets, ExpressRoute endpoints, and point-to-site users, with optional connectivity across hubs in the same virtual WAN. ExpressRoute to ExpressRoute connectivity is only supported through ExpressRoute Global Reach. Basic virtual WANs support fewer connectivity options.

Click on Review + create, Validation should be passed. Click Create button.

Create wan azure portal microsoft azure subscription resource group virtual wan creation location region type standard firewall type review validation networking.png

It takes couple of minutes to deploy VWAN resource service on Azure. Click the Go to Resource button. 

Microsoft azure portal virtual wan deployment vwan go to resource virutalwandeployment virtualwans resource group firewall secure hub.png

This is the Overview page of newly deployed VWAN service.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Wan vwan overview activity logs access control (IAM) tags configuration hubs connectivity VPN sites user vpn configuration express circuites firewall.png

Below is the view of VWAN resource inside Resource Group. In the next article I am going to deploy virtual Hubs inside this VWAN.

Microsoft Virtual network azure portal vnet vwan virtual wan cost managemnet cost analysis cost alerts budges region location visualizer access control resource group.png

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