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Part 2: Powershell WPF Themes guide step by step

Part 1: Basic Powershell WPF Themes guide step by step
Part 2: Powershell WPF Themes guide step by step
Part 3: Powershell wpf MahApps.Metro theme step by step

Theme 2

I found few nice themes online for my Powershell WPF gui scripts, I was looking for simple and nice themes to implement, although there is already available theme called MahApp.Metro is very popular among community. But I was looking for only XAML based as I can easily copy paste the data and create a single page script for future use, Not much implementation is needed, Looks simple, beautiful and cool. It is provided by Infragistics. The usage and implementation is as same as my earlier written article Powershell WPF Themes guide step by step

These themes are available on Also available to download using If you are using Visual studio use commands Install-Package Infragistics.Themes.MetroDark.Wpf -Version 1.0.0 and Install-Package Infragistics.Themes.MetroLight.Wpf -Version 1.0.0

Info mahapp metro powershell wpf theme xaml based file theme.png

There are few more themes are available on it, I tried IG and Office 2013 they also looks very simple and cool.

Infragistics Themes For Microsoft Controls, Microsoft powershell visual studio, themes xaml wpf windows presentation frameworks

This theme with script available here also it can be downloaded from

Theme 3

The next theme I liked is based on popular Mahapp.Metro and ControlzEx dll libraries, Its name is ModernChrome. It looks as same as Visual studio themes. Implementations is little bit different than the earlier xaml themes as dll files are involed, More information can be found on In my next article I am going try MahApp.Metro.

I have tried implementing ModernChrome, my script are available on Github or here.

DarkBlue-Accents Modernchrome, Implementation Powershell wpf xaml themes mahapp metro

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