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Unable to save IP settings Install Stage 2 Set up vCenter Server configuration

I was deploying fresh new vCenter server, after ova file installation while vCenter server configuration on the stage 2 set up vCenter Server, I was keep receiving error Unable to to save IP settings. I found Network configuration was not editable and set to Assign static IP address, all the network information was taken from the earlier provided mentioned on the vCenter OVA installer. I made sure prerequisite DNS entry for vCenter server (A host record and PTR pointer record) is added but still was getting error.

vmware vsphere vcenter server install stage 2 set up vcenter server configuration network configuration assign static ip unable to save IP settings version IPv4 system name Ip address subnet mask or prefix length default.png

To resolve this I kept SSH access Enabled in the same page and click Next. Then logged into SSH of vCenter shell, cat /etc/systemd/network/, found DHCP=no setting which I edited with vi tool and set it to DHCP=yes.

Enable Access to the VCSA Bash shell or Appliance Shell

vmware vsphere vcenter server stage 2 set up installation configuration cat etc systemd network dhcp static ip configuration dns ipv4 default gateway dns server ssh enabled.png

Then refreshed vCenter Server stage 2 setup by launching https://vcenter:5480 url. This time I had option to change Network configuration to Continue with the existing settings, which I already had fed into OVA installation when did the first deploy. After that vCenter server configuration was all ok.

vmware vsphere vcenter server appliance install stage 2 set up vcenter server configuration network configuration continue with the existing settings time sychronization ssh access.png

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