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VMware vCenter server vcsa Setting IP IPv6 configuration failed, IP configuration not allowed

This issue you might have faced at least once while reconfiguring VMware vCenter server VCSA ip configuration. It does not allow to change the IP configuration in (F2) Customize System. Here I am on the vCenter Appliance console and I wanted to change few IP configuration.

Vmware Vsphere esxi vcenter vcsa vmware vcenter server embedded platform services controller appliance customize ip change failed.png

After changing and saving IP Configuration inside Configure Management Network, I was receiving error Setting ip/ipv6 configuration failed: ('IP configuration not allowed',).

vmware vsphere vcenter server vcsa esxi configure management network ip configuration ipv6 dns custom dns suffixes configuration setting ip ipv6 configuration failed ip configuration not allowed.png

To resolve this issue either SSH into VCSA or open a web console from ESXi/vCenter and press alt + F1 button together to login and change terminal screen into console. Once login is successful, type command shell and hit enter (Shell access is granted to root).

Type vami command located /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net and press enter to change IP, It presents to you with below configuration menu.

Vmware vCenter Server with an embedded platform services controller psc luanch bash api plugins opt vmware share vami vami_config_net proxy ip address allocation console.png

Since I want to change IP, I will type menu number 6 for IP Address Allocation for eth0 and configure the IP address accordingly. Since I have disabled IPv6 it reconfigures eth0 with network parameter net.ipv6.conf.disable_ipv6=1. Next change the Default Gateway with option 2. Same way once all the IP configuration is done Show current configuration (scroll with Shift-PgUp/PgDown) and Exit this program using menu number 1. This is how you can configure IP on VCSA.

Vmware Vsphere vCenter server configure ipv address dhcpv4 eth0 netmask net.ipv6.conf.eth.disable_ipv6 network parameter vcsa appliance configuration interface default gateway.png

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