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How to force a PowerShell DSC client to refresh configuration from pull server

While testing DSC (Desired State Configuration) Pull method on client, I had to forcefully refresh configuration from pull many times, as I could not wait for 30 Mins of frequency time to apply the changes. Below cmdlet helps to refresh configuration immediately. This command need to run as an Administrator. Also before forcing settings I removed previous configuration manually by removing TempFolder from C drive and CustomApp environment variable. In the verbose message I see it is identifying missing configuration and getting it applied, if applicable.

Start-DscConfiguration –UseExisting –Verbose –Wait

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Basically this command is running and executing below CIM method in the background, And this oneliner is also an alternative to above command.

Invoke-CimMethod -Namespace root/Microsoft/Windows/DesiredStateConfiguration -ClassName MSFT_DSCLocalConfigurationManager -MethodName PerformRequiredConfigurationChecks -Arg @{Flags = [System.UInt32]1}

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How to force a PowerShell DSC client to refresh configuration from pull server

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