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Ansible AWX Tower create Manual SCM (Source Control Credential Type) project

I had a instance where I wanted to test Manual SCM (Source Control Credential Type) project on new Project on Ansible AWX tower instead of git repository. While creating a new project when choosing Manual from the Source Control Credential Type (SCM), I was receiving below error.

Getting started Ansible AWX tower for IT automation run first playbook

There are no available playbook directories in /var/lib/awx/projects. Either that directory is empty, or all of the contents are already assigned to other projects. Create a new directory there and make sure the playbook files can be read by the "awx" system user, or have AWX directly retrieve your playbooks from source control using the Source Control Type option above.


Ansible AWX create new project there are no available playbook directories in var lib awx projects either directory is empty project base path source control credentials type manual.png

As this was freshly deployed Ansible AWX server, to use manual there need to be projects and yml playbooks with directory created with below command steps. My Ansible AWX server is installed as containers on Docker.

docker ps
docker exec -it awx_web bash
cd /var/lib/awx
mkdir projects
cd projects
mkdir ping-system
cd ping-system
cat > ping-playbook.yml

I am using below sample ansible yml playbook and below contents are saved under ping-playbook.yml file.

- name: Check connectivity to remote servers
  hosts: all #servergroup01
    - name: ping


ansible awx tower docker ps awx_task awx_web awx_postgres awx_redis docker exec -it awx_web bash pwd cd var lib awx projects mkdir ubuntu ping-playbook.yml yaml module.png

Playbook yml file looks like below.

ansible awx tower ls ping-playbook ansible-playbook yaml ping task registry docker image container configuration project manual scm source control local folder.png

Once the new file is created refresh Ansible AWX url in browser, Create a new Project again, note warning message is gone now, By default Project Base Path is /var/lib/awx/projects, from Playbook Directory choose the folder created earlier from the list.

Ansible AWX projects create new project source control credential type project base path var lib awx projects playbook directory yml yaml organization.png

Once the project is created, Now on the creating New Job Template wizard yml playbook list is visible.

ansible awx tower create a New job template playbook choose a playbook yml yaml projects folder variable yaml json credentials inventory job type.png

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