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Terraform testing local variables and output csv file without resource Part 1

This is article is about how I test and verify my maps, list, object and sets values without any resources and to check provided objects are mentioned correctly. Here in below example I wanted to test csv file content in terraform. To check the same I created local variables from CSV file and watch the output, how it looks like below.

vmware vsphere ESXi vCenter azure cloud terraform testing variable locals without resource block provider output csv information file.png

Tot test values provided without resource I used items and values in locals variable and then used output to see how data looks on console if any modification is required. This is also an example of how to use CSV as input variables either from file or text data.

Download this script here or it is also available on

locals {

  # We've included this inline to create a complete example, but in practice
  # this is more likely to be loaded from a file using the "file" function.

    csv_data = file("${path.module}/info.csv")

#   csv_data = <<-CSV
#     name,cpu,memory,network,storage
#     server1,1,2,vlan10,vsanstorage01
#     server2,2,2,vlan10,vsanstorage01
#     server3,2,4,vlan11,vsanstorage02
#     server4,4,6,vlan11,vsanstorage02
#   CSV
   vms = csvdecode(local.csv_data)

# Output block to display the value of the "resource_info_value" variable

output "vms_details" {
  value = local.vms

output "vm_names" {
    value = [for vm in local.vms :]

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