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Troubleshooting replacing a corrupted certificate on Esxi server

While deploying your own certificate on ESXi server you need to follow certain requirement to create it as shown here, if new generated certificate is not correct as per the standard and if they are replaced overwritten without proper backup, it can cause connection error on ESXi server and you will see error similar to This site can't be reached, refused to connect with ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

vmware vsphere esxi this site can't be reached ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED replace generate a self singed certificate esxi proxy repair corrupt certificate ca signed.png

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Troubleshooting replacing a corrupted certificate on Esxi server
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To resolve it immediately open ssh session to ESXi server and run command /sbin/generate-certificates, which will restore and generate default self-signed certificate in location /etc/vmware/ssl. To take effect run command restart &tail -f  /var/log/jumpstart-stdout.log.

vmware vsphere esxi server sbin generate-certificates restart tail self-signed certificate openssl invalid certificate ca server powershell restart reboot force esxi.png

After checking once again on browser, everything should be good and esxi website will be working again.

verifying self-singned certifcate esxi replace default certificate vmware workstation vmware vsphere openssl generated key and crt sbin folder sh file vmware installer.png

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