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VMware LifeCycle Manager There are conflicts from the patches selected for staging or remediation

I was testing ESXi patching through Lifecycle Manager/VUM (Vmware Update Manager). While remediating patch bundle on ESXi server, there was electricity issue and my Esxi server and vCenter server got powered off abruptly in the middle of update. After powering on the vCenter and Esxi server I tried to to repeat process Remediating / Staging patch on the Esxi. I was receiving below error.

There are conflicts from the patches esxi-update_X.X.X-x.x.xxxxxxxx selected for staging or remediation. Check the events for conflict details and possible resolution.

To quickly resolve the issue us How to update a patch on an ESXi host via command line.

Vmware vsphere vcenter esxi lifecycle manager update manager update planner there are conflicts from the patches esxi-Uupdate selected for staging and remediation, check the event for conflicts.png

To diagnose further, I checked ESXi Server >> Monitor >> Tasks for more details, and found related events and solution within the event text, grab the complete vib name.

Host patch esxi-update_X.X.X-x.x.xxxxxxxx conflicts with the package VMware_VIB_VIBName_X.X.X-x.x.xxxxxxxx installed on the host and cannot be staged remove the conflict package.

Host patch esxi-update_X.X.X-x.x.xxxxxxxx conflicts with the package VMware_VIB_VIBName_X.X.X-x.x.xxxxxxxx installed on the host and cannot be remediated. Remove the patch from the baseline or include any suggested additional patches in the baseline and retry remediation operation.

vmware vsphere vcenter esxi stage patches remediate entity host patch esx-update conflicts with the package to resolve a conflict following lifecycle manager update manager vum planner.png

To resolve the issue I enabled ssh service on Esxi, logged in through putty and removed the affected vib with below process. Source:

#Verify what is the vib package detailed information, specifically the name of vib package.
esxcli software vib get | grep -A 22 VMware_VIB_VIBName_X.X.X-x.x.xxxxxxxx

#Check more information of the conflicting vib package 
esxcli software vib list | grep VIBName

#Remove the conflicted VIB, if reboot required restart Esxi server.
esxcli software vib remove --vibname VIBName

vmware vsphere esxi vcenter lifecycle manager esxcli software vib get grep bootbank esxcli software vib list esxcli software vib remove --vibname patching vibs removed.png

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