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Create multiple Azure vnet (Virtual Network) using ansible

This is a second part of Deploy create Virtual Network vNET in Azure cloud using Ansible, in this part I am creating multiple vNets with single Ansible script. All the info and details related to new vNet added in separate vnet variable yml file in json format as shown below.

Azure Virtual network json ansible yaml mutliple vnets creation resources arm templates resource group address prefixes cidr location vnet name.jpg

Next in below ansible yaml script, I am using foreach loop on the provided json information and create mutliple Virtual Network on the Microsoft Azure. You can use ansible-playbook command to deploy this yaml playbook.

Azure.azcollection vnet variables azure virtual network ansible redhat azure_rm_virtualnetwork subnet address prefixes cidr loop configuration.jpg

Download this here or it is also available on

# multi-azvnets.yaml - Ansible yaml code to create multiple AZ vnets
- name: Create Azure vNets (Virtual Networks)
  hosts: localhost
  connection: local
  gather_facts: false

    - azure.azcollection

    - name: Include variable file
        file: vnet_var.yml
        name: vnet_var

    - name: Create a vNets (Virtual Networks)
        resource_group: "{{ item.resource_group }}"
        name: "{{ }}"
        location: "{{ item.location }}"
        address_prefixes_cidr: "{{ item.address_prefixes_cidr }}"
          # - ""
          # - ""
      loop: "{{ vnet_var.vnet_resources }}"

# vnet_var.yaml - json variables info of AZ vNet resource
# resource_group:
# vnet_name: global_vnet_eastus
# location: eastus
# vnet_address_prefixes_cidr:
# subnet01_name: prod01-10.10.1.x
# subnet01_address_prefix:

  - {
      resource_group: rg-globalnetwork-prod,
      name: prod-vnet-wus3-01,
      vnet_address_prefixes_cidr: [""],
      location: West US3
  - {
      resource_group: "rg-globalnetwork-prod",
      name: "prod-vnet-weu-01",
      vnet_address_prefixes_cidr: [""],
      location: "West Europe"

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