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As recently I started working Microsoft azure. Whenever I deploy or learn any new technology I always look for automation. And I found Microsoft has puts its lots and lots efforts on Azure automation. As I prefer Microsoft Powershell and I have great expertise on it, To my amaze, I found there are more than 1200 commands available to mange Azure with Powershell. With this I will be completely focusing on how to install Microsoft Azure Powershell. Why I am using Powershell because some of the functions are still not available on Azure Portal, 

There is simple command can used to install Azure PowerShell directly, Install-Module Azure, But I am going GUI way.

Link to download Powershell for Azure

Download and install azure powershell

Actually link is for microsoft web platform installer, I have downloaded it, As I am using chrome, in the downloads tab double click and install it, It will download another 32 Mb of Powershell sdk files from internet and accept the EULA.

Install microsoft Azure powershell

azure web platform installer eula azure powershell

Installation will finish and require reboot.

azure web platform install powershell installed finish

If you run Microsoft web platform installer again You can see Microsoft Azure powershell installed.

microsoft azure powershell installed successful

This is GUI procedure through Microsoft web platform installer. There is another way we can install Microsoft Azure modules cmdlets using PowerShell itself, Using command Install-module azure (Requires Internet, and run powershell as administrator). Once run command it asks for confirmation as it is from the online untrusted respository, but I am good with it, Type A to select all modules.

Install-module azure

Once I have installed Azure module successfully its time to verify it. To launch Azure Powershell find the ICON on your desktop. If you are using either Windows 8 and above, open Powershell directly and run Login-AzureRmAccount which automatically loads required modules. Also for the first time when it is launched it says Microsoft Azure Powershell collects data about how user us powershell commands and some problems they encounters, basically this is to improve powershell cmdlets, if you don't like this you can run disable-azuredatacollection to stop it. On the second attempt it will ask for azure username and password, and you can see available azure subscriptions.

Windows Powershell Azure Login-AzureRmAccount powershell sign into your microsoft azure account

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