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Assign vSAN licenses in vSphere client

After writing Administrating licenses in vSphere client I missed to mention another way to assign licences to vSAN cluster. Whenever you build you a new cluster and if don't enable vSAN services, that cluster generally is not listed under licenses Assets, Unless you enable vSAN service on cluster. (Once evaluation period ends system will disconnect) If you want to assign a license before enabling cluster, add new license first. Go to Menu >> Administration >> Licensing >> Licenses >> Add New Licenses. 

vmware vsphere client vsan menu administration licensing licenses add new licenes products assets evaluation licensee free crack vcenter esxi.png

This opens a New Licenses box, Enter new license key (You can add multiple keys one per line) and press next. In the Edit license names provide some meaningful name may be what . Check the properties of license key, press next. On the Ready to complete press Finish.

vmware vsphere vcenter esxi client new licenses enter edit license keys vmware vsan enterprise evaluation key crack keygen license keys.png

Newly added license key will be reflecting in the list now.

vmware vsphere client vcenter esxi vSAN licenses products assets standard enterprise licenese keygen crack keys vcenter esxi expired manage your licenses.png

If you haven't enable cluster yet, you can got to Assets >> clusters and assign the license. In my case VSAN is not yet enabled so I will go to Cluster >> Configure tab >> Expand Configuration >> Licensing >> ASSIGN LICENSE. This opens new pop up box, in the EXISTING LICENSES choose the VSAN license key, once it is validated successfully click OK. 

vsphere client cluster assign license existing licenses new license vsan licese expiration evalution mode license free crack esxi vsan license key manage admistrator license.png

You will see license is assigned, Similarly you can view same information again under Menu >> Administration >> Licensing >> Licenses >> Add New Licenses.

vmware vsphere client configure cluster configuration services vsphere DRS HA availibility licensing key vsan usage expiration features all flash.png

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