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Install and Configure IIS Web Server on Windows Server

I was working on a client project where customer had more than 200 vCenter servers of mix version, My goal was to design and automate patching the VMware vCenter Server Appliance from a Zipped Update Bundle. As per the criteria I found first requirement was to install and configure a Web Server, for that I chose to deploy and configure Windows Server IIS (Internet Information Service) web server,  As microsoft IIS web server platform is a secure, easy to manage, scalable, extensible, reliable for hosting web sites and web applications. I installed fresh Microsoft Windows Server and installed latest patches and hotfixes.

Next to start IIS web server installation and configuration, Search and open Server Manager, in that click Manage menu and select Add Roles and Features

Windows server 2022 2019 server manager manage add remove roles and features add servers create server gorup server manager properties local server ad ds dns file and storage services welcom to server manager dashboard.png

In the Add Roles and Features Wizard, Below are screenshots where you don't have much to configure, just keep clicking Next button on Before you Begin, keep selected Role-based or feature-based Installation under Installation Type, and in the Server Selection choose the server name and click next to proceed.

Microsoft windows server IIS web server installation select installation type role-based or feature-based installation VHD virtual hard disk remote desktop serivces installation server pool windows server manager 2022.png

On the Server Roles click Web Server (IIS), it opens a pop up box for Add features that are required for Web Server (IIS)?, click Add features, followd by Next, On the Features options just click Next button.

Microsoft windows server Web server IIS add roles and features wizard select features server roles internet information services web server server manager scalable web application infrastructure 2022 2019.png

Microsoft windows server web server role (IIS) services directory browsing default documenbt http errors static content http redirection webdav publishing dynamic content compression server manager.png

Confirm and verify the roles and features which are going to be installed on windows server on the Confirm Installation selections wizard, Click close in the last when installation succeeded.

Microsoft windows server add roles and features wizard server manager web server (IIS) management tools iis management console commin http features default document http errors directory browsing.png

In the last verify website url (Web server ip or FQDN) in your favorite browser, IIS server is functional now.

Microsoft windows server IIS Windows server internet information services windows server 2019 2022 add roles and features directory browsing http https 80 443 nginx httpd apache web server.png

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