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VMware vCenter server Error no healthy upstream

After completing VMware vCenter server appliance (vcsa) installation and configuration, when tested vCenter UI url https://vcenter:443/ui, I was receiving below error. I restarted vCenter server vcsa multiple times, checked if DNS entries (A host record and PTR pointer record) exists in DNS server for vCenter server, but this error didn't go away. 

no healty upstream

VMware vsphere vcenter server 7 vcsa no healthy upstream https vpxd bug vcenter server bug vcenter server appliance network settings.png

To resolve the issue further I checked all the services status, under vCenter server management 5480 vami portal, Restarted couple of services, Checked server health in Monitor, all was good, but still no luck.

vmware vsphere vcenter server management 5480 443 no healthy upstream services restart vmware vcenter server vpxd restart ui services stop disabled state started.png

Next I found one of the settings which I configured and documented in Unable to save IP settings Install Stage 2 Set up vCenter Server configuration where I had configured vCenter server to obtain IP address from DHCP. I reverted IP address setting from DHCP to static with below steps. Before making any changes make sure you backup vCenter server or take snapshot.

Log in to VMware Server Managment vami portal with 5480 port, go to Networking section and click EDIT. I have only one network adapter and it already selected, click Next.

Vmware vsphere vcenter server vcsa vami portal ui networking nic 0 ipv5 address DHCP edit proxy settings mac address ipv4 address default gateway no healty upstream.png

In the Edit Settings change the setting from Obtain IPv4 settings automatically to Enter IPv4 settings manually and click Next button.

vmware vsphere vcenter server edit network settings edit settings hostname and dns nic 0 status up mac address obtain ipv4 settings automatically enter ipv4 settings manually  gateway address prefix.png

Provide SSO administrator credentials for vCenter server click Next button. (Username: [email protected]).

vmware vsphere vcenter server vcsa vami ui networking sso credentials administrator vsphere.local password no healthy upstream error bug vcenter 7 vcenter server management.png

In last, Ready to complete page verify the settings to be done. Click the checkbox to acknowledge that you have made a backup of your vCenter server and unregistered extensions before continuing with your network configuration.

After network settings have been reconfigured and your vCenter server is up and running, additional actions will be required.
1. All deployed plug-ins will need to be reregistered.
2. All custom certififcates will need to be regenerated.
3. vCenter HA will need to be reconfigured.
4. Hybrid Link with Cloud vCenter server will need to be recreated.
5. Active Directory will need to be rejoined.

Click Finish button.

vmware vsphere vcenter server vcsa vami 5480 edit network settings ready to complete nic 0 IPV4 address prefix gateway backup vcenter server management sso credentials edit settings network adapter.png

Avoid refreshing your web browser to ensure a successful network upgrade. Once update is 100% completed close the window and test vCenter server url https://vcenter/ui. All looks good.

vmware vsphere vcenter appliance server vcsa network update succeeded vami vmware appliance management interface management license no healthy upstream error bug vcenter 7 bug.png

If you want to change the same gui setting through vCenter Server SSH. Open shell and change DHCP=no in the file /etc/systemd/network/ as shown on Unable to save IP settings Install Stage 2 Set up vCenter Server configuration.

Enable Access to the VCSA Bash shell or Appliance Shell

Vmware vsphere vcenter server command shell DHCP no link localaddressing gateway address usends dhcp disable no healthy upstream error vcenter 7 bug problem.png

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