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Find and use Azure Marketplace VM images with Azure Az CLI

There is another way to Find and use Azure Marketplace VM images with Azure PowerShell. You can do the same task to fetch Azure VM information using is az cli. There are two common images UbuntuServer and MicrosoftWindowsServer. Here I will work with Ubuntu images to get information from az cli commands.

Microsoft Azure az cli az vm image show --location --urn canonical ubuntuserver 18.04-LTS latest disk image vmdisktype exetended location publisher hypergv generation.jpg

The first command is to list all the available publishers in Azure marketplace. Sh…

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Find and use Azure Marketplace VM images with Azure PowerShell

You can use this write up to find Azure Virtual Machine images available on the Azure Marketplace using PowerShell Module Az (Azure) commands. Before proceeding you need to know a few jargon vocabulary related to Azure cloud VM Images. You can use below properties to find VM templates on Azure cloud marketplace.

  • Publisher: The associated company that made the image. Specimens: Canonical, Mi…

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Vmware PowerCLI Import-Module message VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)

When you run the command to Import-Module VMware.PowerCLI on Powershell, You might have received the below warning message regarding VMware CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program). 

VMware's Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) collects technical information from participating customers to provide better support, both proactively and reactively.

WARNING: Please consider…

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Ansible Deploy a VMware vSphere Virtual Machine from a Template

One of my teammates from another project had a requirement of deploying a clone VMware Virtual Machine from a template using Ansible. In the last hour additional requirements they wanted to process clones of multiple VMs with different types of operating system such as Linux and Microsoft Windows.

For this test in the vSphere vCenter Server environment I already created two VM Templates - o…

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Active Directory User Account Password Expiry Email Notification using PowerShell

While working and setting up a new project from scratch, the Helpdesk team wanted a solution to automatically send alert notification to Users about their Accounts password expiring. The notification email format looks like below once password is near defined days in the PowerShell Script. This PowerShell script requires a prerequisite ActiveDirectory module to be installed on the system (You …

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Using MetalLB as LoadBalancer service to Kubernetes bare metal

The intent of this Load balancer is to spread the workload among different servers or applications. It can be set up on both physical and virtual infrastructures. The load balancer traces the accessibility and availability of pods with the Kubernetes Endpoints API. When it gets an app request for a certain Kubernetes service, the Kubernetes load balancer sorts in order or round robins the applicat…

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Create and capture Microsoft Windows server Sysprep template image

I had a project where I wanted to deliver few Microsoft Windows images to the customer. After several meeting they wanted this templates to sysprep 'ed. 

What is Sysprep?

Sysprep is a tool/utility provided by Microsoft (System Preparation) that makes a Windows client or Windows Server prepared for imaging. Sysprep can get rid of PC-specific information from a Windows installation (genera…

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VMware vSphere vCenter replace machine SSL certificate with custom CA signed certificates

There is a best security practice to implement authorized SSL Certificates on VMware infrastructure. Here I am installing certificates on the vSphere vCenter server. By default VMCA (VMware Certificate Authority) signed certificate is installed on the vCenter server. Which you can see under vSphere Client >> Administration >> Machine SSL Certificate >> View details or you can check the same on …

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VMware vCenter Esxi Add a Trusted Root Certificate to the Certificate Store

In this article I will add the Trusted Root certificate in vCenter Certificate store. Basically this will help to use your Certificate Authority root chain certificate (CA server) or third party certificates in your VMware vSphere infrastructure, If you are intending to use a trusted root certificate.

Here I will be using my CA certificate chain in my environment. I am on my CA server portal (M…

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Terraform VMware vSphere Virtual Machine customization clone failed on Windows

While doing project on Terraform with VMware vSphere: Terraform module clone VMware vSphere Linux and Windows virtual machine, I was receiving below error while deployment. VM was getting deployed but VM customization was running into error and failing.

│ Virtual machine customization failed on "/Asgard/vm/os-windows":
│ An error occurred while customizing VM os-windows. For…

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Check the syntax. I had the same issues because I defined user.emails instead of

Thanks man, the only article I found the answer.

Helped me, worked in vCenter 8.

is there any way to generate the logs, whether it's failed or success to send the notification. I was trying to do. but not receiving an email. I changed the port from 587 to 25 but now working.

How to resolve this error?
x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

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