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Reboot remote Linux server from PHP PowerShell web server

This web portal is part of Executing a Linux programs from PHP web server. In earlier part I used only PHP to remotely execute commands on Linux server. In this it is a combination of PHP and PowerShell. Once you launch portal you will need to provide Domain username and password to authenticate and Linux server IP/Hostname to reboot Server.

To run command on Linux from windows it uses plink.e…

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Executing a Linux programs from PHP web server

This is a small web automation project I created to execute remote Linux command through web server. The web language I used in this project is PHP (It is little similar to PowerShell so I was able to grasp it quickly and code the way I want). 

Using this tool users without having access to Linux server or without sharing credentials/Password, they can check information or you can enforce them…

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Azure DevOps Enable creation of classic build release pipelines grayed out

While configuring new Azure DevOps pipelines in the project I found classic editor is not visible in Pipelines section also few options under Pipelines were not visible such as releases and task groups. There is s a option to enable classic editor in Project Settings. To make changes navigate to Project Settings >> Pipelines >> Settings.

I found Disable creation of classic build pipelines and…

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Developing and writing custom Ansible Python module Part 2

This is a second part of Developing and writing Ansible Python custom module for VMware pyvmomi example. In this example I have extended writing python module for VMware ansible to get more information from vCenter server from one single python ansible module script. 

Download this custom ansible module for vCenter example here or it is also available

In this module it can g…

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Testing domain AD credential with PowerShell one liner

This is a one liner command script to connect to Active Directory and verify user name and password credentials provided. I am using  System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry .net object here to connect to LDAP server (In my case it is Active Directory). When you are connected successful with correct information you get DistinguishedName and Path information of Active directory in return.

PowerShell test ad active directory credentials username and password without login ldap domain controller one liner.png

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Exploring Storage Virtualization and Data Protection Trends with BDRSuite New Release V7.0.0

We are thrilled to introduce BDRSuite version 7.0.0, now ready for production use. This release represents a significant leap in our commitment to innovation, bringing a host of exciting new features and improvements aimed at enhancing your data protection experience. Notably, this release includes groundbreaking capabilities like KVM and Azure backups, along with enhancements such as support for …

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Developing and writing Ansible Python custom module for VMware pyvmomi example

There may be requirement in RedHat Ansible when you write custom module when you don't fine tasks module for certain objects, that time you will need to write your own custom python module. In this given example I was using community VMware vSphere module with ansible and wanted to list all ESXi servers in the vCenter server, but I didn't find the required task module as shown on the official guid…

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Terraform count vs for_each for examples with map of objects

In this Terraform article I have two examples for loop and count loop. I have one map of object. Where I will use both the loops on map to show how to use them in different way. You can check my earlier articles for different loops examples - Terraform for_each loop on map example and Terraform one module deploy null or multiple resources based on input (nested for loop).

Download this Ter…

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Terraform remote-exec provisioner with ssh connection in null_resource

This is a Terraform example of remote-exec provisioner with ssh connection using null_resource. To use remote-exec you need to provide remote server connection information. In my below example I am using and creating connection with ssh protocol to linux servers with terraform configuration. If you are using windows system to connect then use winrm type protocol. 

In the inline, mention the c…

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Terraform fore_each for loop filter with if condition example

In this HashiCorp Terraform configuration example article, I am using if condition to filter list of variable objects. Here in this configuration I am have multiple list of resource group, Their name and location are different in the variable objects as mentioned below. 

I want to deploy only resource group from WestUS location. Inside the loop, I am using if condition to filter the locatio…

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Thanks for the article - pretty good but I think it's missing steps like creating persistent storage.

Please help. Javascript is not working for me. Only header is showing. I am trying from local desktop (without any web server)

How to run this on Local desktop without Web server? Powershell runs fine after doing few changes of braces in the code. But it is not reflecting on index.html

thank you, it's working

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