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Powershell Azure Inventory GUI Utility

This is my last article on this WebBlog and I will be writing all new articles on my new website  Recently I wrote a Powershell GUI script to collect information from Microsoft Azure, you can view the video this is how it works. I am still working on the script and adding new resources inventory to the web site. To use this tool you require Azure AD Tenant name and A…

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Azure automation account DSC for On-Premise Virtual Machine on boarding

In my earlier series on on-prem Powershell DSC server I shown how to configure DSC (Desired State configuration) server and its client on windows & linux. Enabling WinRm is one of the main prerequisite for all DSC operations. If I see DSC's future, Microsoft is more and more focusing on Azure DSC (desired state configuration), Azure adds cloud-based management layer to DSC, you can use it as Dev…

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Getting started with Powershell Desired State Configuration (DSC) on Linux

DSC is a (DevOps) management platform in PowerShell that enables you to manage your IT and development infrastructure with configuration as code. While writing Part 1: Configure PowerShell remoting between Windows and Linux my main motive was to configure push Desired State Configuration (DSC) on Linux server from windows. To work DSC on Linux below versions and flavors of Linux are supported, I …

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Configure PowerShell remoting between Windows and Linux

After opensource PowerShell core 6 for linux was available to download, I wrote an article on it - How to Install and Use Microsoft PowerShell on Linux. This is just an addition to same guide. Few of my linux servers were installed with PowerShell core and they were installed with few PS modules for management purpose. I was looking for remote solution to access those modules using windows p…

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Powershell Generate Self-signed certificate with Self-Signed Root CA Signer

While exploring options on creating self signed SSL certificate using PowerShell, I got to know one of the good New-SelfSignedCertificate parameter Signer. It can be used by developers for testing purpose or I can also use it to generate fake CA signed certificates for my lab experiments. All the commands are executed on PowerShell as administrator. 

Below command generates your first self…

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Enable Access to the VCSA Bash shell or Appliance Shell

Currently, the vCSA is bundled with below supported shells - BASH Shell & Appliance Shell. The appliance shell can be used to update the VCSA, using the software-packages command and has some other use cases. When you log in for first time by default it shows appliance shell, below is the method to switching the vCenter Server Appliance 6.x to BASH Shell

     1) Use putty any other ss…

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Powershell WinRM HTTPs CA signed certificate configuration

This guide is not specific to configuration but it also shows how I troubleshooted CA signed certificate issue while configuring WinRM listener. This is a third part of PowerShell remoting over HTTPS using self-signed SSL certificate, For security best practices instead of going with Self signed certificate I am using CA signed certificate. First step I need is CSR file, I have used below two ope…

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Configure Powershell WinRM to use OpenSSL generated Self-Signed certificate

PowerShell remoting over HTTPS using self-signed SSL certificate

This is a step by step guide and will show you how to use HTTPS port  and self signed SSL certificate while using Powershell Remoting. On the PSRemoting regards I had already written one article in the past POWERSHELL PS REMOTING BETWEEN STANDALONE WORKGROUP COMPUTERS, When you use WinRM PSRemoting, it uses default HTTP 5985 port for connection and SSL is not used, If I try to use Enter-PSS…

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How to replace default vCenter VMCA certificate with Microsoft CA signed certificate

VMCA (VMware Certificate Authority) is a one of the components in PSC (Platform services controller) inbuilt into vCenter server 6.x. VMCA is Certificate Authority and works as same as Microsoft CA certificate. It can issue certificates to VMware components i.e. vCenter, ESXi servers. In my previous blog How to import default vCenter server appliance VMCA root certificate and refresh CA certifica…

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"Here I am creating second self signed certificate but using parameter -Signer which specifies a Certifcate object with which this cmdlet signs the new certificate."
Created certificate is not self-signed. It is signed by specified "Certificate object". Although of course Microsoft called it wrong as usually.

Hello Sir,

i need user name like first name with all character and Last name only first character. Like Bankil Kansara Bankilk

Suggest me where we can changes

Thank you for the great post, been looking through a few sites and yours was the easiest to follow. Great job

Great script, thank you. I just wish it prompted or had a command line variable for the name of the standard vswitch instead of only using SvSwitch100

Awesome! Worked like a charm after using your recommended changes!

Thank you much!


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