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How to install Ansible AWX on Ubuntu using Kubernetes K8S

This is step by step in the detailed installation guide of Ansible AWX operator (Automation controller Tower). On this channel earlier I had written 2 articles on how to install Ansible AWX operator but they are no longer valid as the installation instruction has been changed. For any new changes you can check the article.

Before starting you need Kub…

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Can not execute kustomize build issue installing Ansible AWX Operator

While installing Ansible AWX operator tower (Automation Controller) for the development team, I was receiving the below error. I was following the official installation guide given from

kustomize kustomization.yaml yml kubernetes manifest configuration vmware vsphere ansible awx operator azure ansible platform automation controller tower setup sevalsymlink git.jpg

ubuntu@AnsibleAWX:~$ kustomize build . | kubectl apply -f -
Error: accumulating resources: accumulation err='accumulating resources from '…

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Rancher k3s.yaml permission denied when using kubectl - Kubernetes

While working with Install and Setup your own Kubernetes Cluster with K3s, I installed K3s as a non sudo root user. After complete installation when running any kubectl command I was receiving the below error.

ubuntu@AnsibleAWX:~$ kubectl get nodes
WARN[0000] Unable to read /etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml, please start server with --write-kubeconfig-mode to modify kube con…

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Install and Setup your own Kubernetes Cluster with K3s

K3s is a trivial, lightweight, easy to install, implement, and operate version of standard Kubernetes (K8s). The main part is it is not a fork of Kubernetes. K3s is a certified Kubernetes lightweight distribution. It can be used to run production workload as well. I found it is easier to install K3S than Minikube How to Install Minikube on Ubuntu - Step by Step

I am installing K3s on the …

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MINIKUBE Unable to start VM - This computer doesn't have VT-X AMD-v enabled

While setting up and starting minikube in my lab How to Install Minikube on Ubuntu - Step by Step, I was receiving two errors. First error was related to not running minikube start as root privileges. Which was resolved after existing from the root account and running minikube as a normal user.

But another error occurred related to Intel VT-X/AMD-V not enabled after running minikube start aga…

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How to Install Minikube on Ubuntu - Step by Step

This is a step by step guide to install Minikube on the Ubuntu Linux system. Minikube is a lightweight Kubernetes implementation that creates a VM on your local machine and deploys a simple cluster containing only one node. Minikube is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows systems. Minikube is very good option for testing kubernetes (k8s) if you don't have much compute resources in your system …

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Using Ansible to Manage Windows Servers initial setup – Step by Step

In this article I will be configuring and connecting Ansible server and Windows host for Microsoft Windows system configuration management. First prepare Ansible host by installing collection with ansible-galaxy command. Next install pywinrm and python3-winrm Python packages with pip3 command. 

Although the next task of checking nslookup is not necessary, but I will check i…

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PowerCLI enable or disable WBEM service on VMware ESXi server

The VMware Host Hardware (WBEM) sensor monitors information about the hardware of an ESXi server using Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM). This script will disable and enable WBEM service using PowerCLI.

Download this Set-WbemServiceEsxi.ps1 here or it is also available on

Microsoft PowerShell vmware vsphere esxi vcenter wbem powercli esxcli software service enable disable sendor information automation.jpg

In the core of the script it uses VMware PowerCLI esxcli to modify WBEM service.

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Executing PowerShell script from PHP HTML web server

Recently I was reading some Advanced Python coding books, I was especially fascinated by the Flask module. This project is an outcome of the same, If similar can be achieved with PowerShell and HTML, I wrote some code in HTML, PHP and PowerShell and it is working well after testing. Here in this project I used PHP code to get HTML input. Pass that information from PHP to PowerShell as a parameter …

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Find and use Azure Marketplace VM images with Azure Az CLI

There is another way to Find and use Azure Marketplace VM images with Azure PowerShell. You can do the same task to fetch Azure VM information using is az cli. There are two common images UbuntuServer and MicrosoftWindowsServer. Here I will work with Ubuntu images to get information from az cli commands.

Microsoft Azure az cli az vm image show --location --urn canonical ubuntuserver 18.04-LTS latest disk image vmdisktype exetended location publisher hypergv generation.jpg

The first command is to list all the available publishers in Azure marketplace. Sh…

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Hi Kunal,

Fantastic article.

I loved it and it was very useful to me as I learned how you can use commandline to work with Git.

Thank you so much for this article.

Ashish Arya

I like this version as well.

$copy = Get-ADUser (Read-host "Enter username to copy from: ")
$paste = Get-ADUser (Read-host "Enter username to copy to: ")
Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership $copy | ForEach-Object {Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $_ -Members $paste}

Check the syntax. I had the same issues because I defined user.emails instead of

Thanks man, the only article I found the answer.

Helped me, worked in vCenter 8.

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