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Exploring Storage Virtualization and Data Protection Trends with BDRSuite New Release V7.0.0

We are thrilled to introduce BDRSuite version 7.0.0, now ready for production use. This release represents a significant leap in our commitment to innovation, bringing a host of exciting new features and improvements aimed at enhancing your data protection experience. Notably, this release includes groundbreaking capabilities like KVM and Azure backups, along with enhancements such as support for …

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Developing and writing Ansible Python custom module for VMware pyvmomi example

There may be requirement in RedHat Ansible when you write custom module when you don't fine tasks module for certain objects, that time you will need to write your own custom python module. In this given example I was using community VMware vSphere module with ansible and wanted to list all ESXi servers in the vCenter server, but I didn't find the required task module as shown on the official guid…

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Terraform count vs for_each for examples with map of objects

In this Terraform article I have two examples for loop and count loop. I have one map of object. Where I will use both the loops on map to show how to use them in different way. You can check my earlier articles for different loops examples - Terraform for_each loop on map example and Terraform one module deploy null or multiple resources based on input (nested for loop).

Download this Ter…

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Terraform remote-exec provisioner with ssh connection in null_resource

This is a Terraform example of remote-exec provisioner with ssh connection using null_resource. To use remote-exec you need to provide remote server connection information. In my below example I am using and creating connection with ssh protocol to linux servers with terraform configuration. If you are using windows system to connect then use winrm type protocol. 

In the inline, mention the c…

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Terraform fore_each for loop filter with if condition example

In this HashiCorp Terraform configuration example article, I am using if condition to filter list of variable objects. Here in this configuration I am have multiple list of resource group, Their name and location are different in the variable objects as mentioned below. 

I want to deploy only resource group from WestUS location. Inside the loop, I am using if condition to filter the locatio…

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Terraform foreach module output to show only required results

In my previous articles I was testing my variable information to see output, one thing I observed in the output was showing all the variable content information in the output. 

Terraform testing local variables and output csv file without resource Part 1
Terraform testing variable map object values without resource configuration part 2

I wanted only the selected rg_name information to be s…

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Terraform clone virtual machine template in VMware vSphere vCenter Dynamic Content Part 2

This is improvised Terraform configuration scripts to clone Windows and Linux Template from VMware vCenter server. I have made few improvements in the configuration adding dynamic content block in the modules for network and disks. Another change is use variables, New VM information from csv file to simply things.

Download this Terraform_VM_Template_clone script here or this is also available …

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Terraform deploy create A Private DNS Record in Microsoft Azure from list of objects

This is an example of creating multiple private DNS records in Microsoft Azure from list of objects. Here I am starting with, I am using below list of objects as type in variable.
variable "dns_records" {
  type = list(object({
    name                = string
    resource_group_name = string
    zone_name           = string
    ttl     …

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Terraform testing variable map object values without resource configuration part 2

This is second part of earlier written article Terraform testing local variables and output csv file without resource Part 1. Idea is use same method technique to learn and verify how to assign map of object works. Below is the example of variable map object and its output.

I used this map object practically in earlier article Hashicorp Terraform map and object inside module and variable exa…

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Terraform testing local variables and output csv file without resource Part 1

This is article is about how I test and verify my maps, list, object and sets values without any resources and to check provided objects are mentioned correctly. Here in below example I wanted to test csv file content in terraform. To check the same I created local variables from CSV file and watch the output, how it looks like below.

vmware vsphere ESXi vCenter azure cloud terraform testing variable locals without resource block provider output csv information file.png

Tot test values provided without resource I used i…

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I am still getting the below error despite installing Az.Billing module.

Get-AzConsumptionUsageDetail: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘BadRequest’

i follow step-by-step but this issue show:

Error occurred while fetching tls: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty

You just saved me from pulling my hair out. I've been trying to figure out why I couldn't get this to work all day.

Worth reading every details.
After watching several video tutorials and blogs. I was able to create my first Kubernetes Cluster on my home lab.
Looking forward to setup my cluster running my systems on it.
Thank you!

this was very useful but when setting this up for 8.0 I had to also add the MIME type for .blob

hopefully that helps someone as burnt a few hours on that :)

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