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Solved Esxi host disconnected evaluation license expired

In my vmware vSphere homelab, I found my Esxi hosts were showing disconnected in vCenter. I tried connecting esxi host through vmware vSphere web client. But I was getting error notification of reconnect host failure with the message Evaluation mode licenses expired.

Task Name: Reconnect host
Target: Esxi Host
Status: Cannot complete the license assignment operation "vCenter agen for VMwa…

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Adding active directory group to computer local administrator Group using Group Policy Object - Part 2

This is the second part of my earlier article Adding user to domain administrators from another cross domain - Part 1 where I setup cross domain trust and added cross domain user to AD administrators group for management purpose. After getting access over acquired company Active Directory domain controllers, I wanted to get access of few member Servers for management.

In the Active Director…

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Adding user to domain administrators from another cross domain - Part 1

I was working on one of the company acquiring project where I wanted to add users from another forest root domain to domain admins, but as Domain admins being global group, group that can be used in its own domain, in member servers and in workstations of the domain, and in trusting domains. In all those locations, you can give a global group rights and permissions and the global group can become …

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Passed Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions 70-535 Exam and Preparation guide

I passed Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions 70-535 Exam recently. Earlier 70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions exam was no longer exist and it was been withdrawn by Microsoft. In my first attempt I had failed exam, and understood my weaker areas and where I need to work upon. Below is the official blueprint of the exam, I went thoroughly and had went through for each point on my Azure…

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Configure the VMWare Update Manager Proxy Settings using vSphere Web Client

In my lab I wanted to upgrade my vsphere lab, Because my VUM (VMWare vSphere Update Manager) didn't have direct internet access, I need to configure internet proxy server and In this article I will be configuring the Proxy Settings on VMWare Update Manager in the vSphere Web Client. So I will download vmware updates using proxy. I have already proxy server setup, to start configuration in VUM on t…

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Add a vCenter Single Sign On Identity Source Active Directory (Windows Integrated Authentication)

This is a second part of my article How to join vCenter Server appliance to Active Directory, and here I am configuring Identity source on Single sign on. In my one of the previous article ADDING AND CONFIGURING VMWARE VSPHERE VCENTER SSO ACTIVE DIRECTORY AS LDAP SERVER  I used AD as ldap server, contrary here I am trying Windows Integrated Authentication as identity source.

Before process…

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How to join vCenter Server appliance to Active Directory

I just finished deploying new VCSA 6.7 in my office for a new project, In this article I am showing procedure to join VCSA to active directory, and wanted to assign permissions to AD accounts but Active directory was not visible in permissions. For the same follow below steps on vCenter web client to configure.

Click Home icon button on top, and from drop down menu select Home. Under Admin…

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Powershell GUI format text on TextBox and RichTextBox

I was preparing some auditing and reporting tools for some of newly received projects and wanted a way to formatting representation of data on my GUI form in nice way. To show this nice formatting you can use tags inside TextBlock and RichTextBox inside xaml code and binding can be used.These tags are as same as html tags. below examples are used on TextBlocks. For more on tagging you can check th…

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Powershell GUI encode decode images

Recently I was working on the one of my project, In the same I required to add few images to GUI, and needed to encode and decode images in the script so no external file is required to port incase if I want to share and there will be only sole ps1 script. Here in below video not a single external picture image is used. They are for onetime encoded with powershell as base64 string and then same st…

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Powershell WPF Charts dashboard demo

I was preparing for some dashboards using Powershell WPF GUI and was looking for some charts and graph to show on my GUI, I tried utilizing data visualization charts but I was looking for more cooler ways to show them and was looking for interactive ones which can complement my dashboards. To achieve this I have created html files using chart.js and bootstrap html codes and used WPF webbrowser …

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Thanks Ajith for notifying, Updated the article.

Thanks a lot for explaining this; this was very helpfull.

I think there is a small typo

You mentioned Set-ExectionPolicy Unrestricted; but current is Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted; better to correct this :)

Hi Gerard, Nice Question,

The overhaul, according to Microsoft, aims to “reflect today’s cloud-focused jobs, helping you to get hired, get ahead, be productive faster, and to receive the recognition you deserve.” True to their word, the new routes have a heavier focus on Azure and cloud technologies, with new routes for contemporary aspects of computing such as mobile devices, and machine learning. The new certifications are purportedly aligned to Centers of Excellence, which Microsoft Partners use to ascertain distinguishable technical competencies.

Yes, if you dont have access to GPO or PS remoting available you can use remote registry instead, which is by default enabled.

keep your computer names in a textfile.txt and next type command,
cat textfile.txt | Get-InstalledSoftwareInfo

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