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Microsoft Powershell GUI: Change Internet Options connections Lan settings proxy server grayed out

Powershell winform wpf mix gui, graphical interface, change registry proxy settings hack internet option connections tab enable proxy

One of my friend wanted a small proxy settings hack tool which I created using Powershell script, it is very small tool and helps to change proxy server settings, It can changed when Internet Options >> Connections tab is either missing or Lan settings button is disabled, and you still want to change proxy settings. Basically this graphical powershell script make changes in the Registry. So re…

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vMotion from all VMs on selected Esxi Host to other Esxi host via PowerCLI GUI

Currently I am doing complete VMware environment upgrade in my office in terms of hardware as well, After few plans I found most of my Esxi servers in VMWare clusters in my office were over committed. First question was by my boss was how do we perform it without degrading current VMs performance. To tackle this we had few spare esxi servers, which we utilized for this purpose. Adding this Esxi to…

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How to convert RDM disk (Raw Device Mapping) to VMDK

In my previous article I shown Adding and sharing RDM disk to multiple VMs in VMware step by step, I received one related task to convert virtual machine RDM (Raw device mapping) hard disk to VMDK disk. Basically I require it to convert because, I was not going to use microsoft clustering anymore, also I was planning to change backend storage due to end of life. To complete this task, you have to …

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ESXi 6.0 update offline bundle via esxcli commandline: DependencyError VIB bootbank requires VSAN ImageProfile

After completing updating my most of the ESXi 6.5 hosts in the environment as shown in ESXi 6.5 upgrade bundle via command line: No Space Left On Device Error, I wanted few standalone ESXi server to update to 6.0 version, for same offline bundle can be downloaded from I uploaded copy the update zip file on one of the connected datastore to ESXi Upload files to vmware ESXi datasto…

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ESXi HP Blade start issue Enclosure power event detected, System Halted until power condition is corrected

Sometimes I receive below error on the HP Prolient Bladesystem ILO after server reboot, it refuses to complete post, shows message, 
Enclouse Power Even Detected
System Halted until Power Condition is Corrected

In most of the case to resolve it I reseat the blade in chassis enclosure (Remove blade and reinsert it again). This way issue is resolved by completely removing power source for tha…

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ESXi 6.5 upgrade bundle via command line: No Space Left On Device Error

I received few standalone ESXi 6.5 hosts for patching for branch office, I wanted to upgrade build number on server, As there was no option of VMWare update manager for standalone esxi. Here I upgraded them using offline bundle zip. These requires offline bundle zip to be be downloaded from url directly. It asks for valid login username and p…

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Upload files to vmware ESXi datastore: Different methods

Copying files to VMware Datastores is an easy task. Here in this article, I am showing 3 different methods to upload files to VMware datastores, You can use these methods to copy offline bundle zip, VIB, VMDK or ISO files. Ifyou are using VMWare vSphere web client to upload files to datastore, make sure DNS server entry is added for esxi server in DNS server

Method 1

Login to Vmware V…

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Resolved: Reset Esxi forgotten root password using hiren bootCD step by step

Reset forgotten ESXi root password on Domain joined Esxi using vSphere web client and Powercli
Reset ESXi root password using Host Profiles on vCenter server: VMWare vSphere Web client

This is third part of the above related articles reset forgotten root password on esxi and there is a disclaimer Use this procedure on your own risk because method mentioned here is unsupported by VMware and u…

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Powercli GUI: Determine the EVC Mode that vmware cluster should be configured

vmware vsphere esxi cluster, enhanced vmotion mode evc, cpu manufacturer, cpu generations, failover, drs, ha, vmware high availibility, distributed resource scheduler

I was evaluating one of the old project hosted on VMware in my office for a client, After ruff capacity calculation I found scarce of compute and memory resources in the VMware clusters. Few meetings and decisions, and sharing complete excel data and capacity planning for upcoming VMs, we decided to add and purchase new ESXi hosts for existing cluster, so capacity can be increased, then do the…

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Resolved syslog error: Call OptionManager.UpdateValues for object ha-adv-options on ESXi failed

I configured successfully syslog on esxi server around thousand of esxi server in my environment with Configure syslog on VMware ESXi hosts: VMware best practices. But while configuring syslog on few esxi server I receive below error. In the Esxi edit advanced option on it was showing A general system error occurred: internal error.

vmware vsphere esxi syslog server edit advanced options a general system error occurred internal error port 514, tcp udp.png

I can see same message under Esxi >>…

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I need to look at the code, If possible send it on

Hi Mike,

Thanks your script. But i found out if the source/destination address/port having multiple value. It will only return first IP/port due to the SourcePortRange"[0] ". Do you have any idea how to change the coding on export and import too?


OK. And... exactly WHERE are these 76 lines of code supposed to be placed?
I tried putting them in the .xaml windows for the main window, but get an error about tokens not being found.

Fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

@charli: There might be, but I didn't find any configuration parameters

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