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Azure Terraform fixed Availibility Zones on Virtual Machine Scale Set

While working previously on Create an Azure virtual machine scale set and load balancer using Terraform, I was trying to deploy Virtual Machine scale sets in availibility zones and i was receiving below error. To deploy VMSS in availaibility zones (1 and 2), I was using argument zone = ["1", "2"] under azurerm_virtual_machine_scale set resource, but the terraform didn't not like it. Whenever I…

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Create an Azure virtual machine scale set and load balancer using Terraform

While working on one of the client requirement I got below assignement which wanted to be demonstrated either with Terraform or ARM. Although I am very good at writing script for both languages, I chose Terraform, as there was another requirement for other projects where I am already working on Terraform. As I was running short on the time, wrote this script in very short time of span but I will…

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Why is my Azure recovery services vault not getting deleted?

While working on Azure Portal Get Azure virtual machine backup reports using Powershell I was trying to decommision few Azure Recovery Service Vault (Backup) resource by deleteing it, I went to Azure portal selected Recovery Service Vault from Resource Group and pressed delete button, but I was receiving below errors.

Executed delete command on 1 selected items
Succeeded: 0, Failed: 1, Canc…

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Create an Azure Automation account on using Portal PowerShell and AzureCLI

Azure Automation Account is Azure resource allows you to automate tasks against services and resources in Azure, on-premises and with other cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can write and use runbooks to automate your tasks, or a Hybrid Runbook Worker if you have business or operational processes to manage outside of Azure. Working in any one of these environments require perm…

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Azure Powershell : Operation returned an invalid status code 'BadRequest'

While working on few Azure Powershell scripts I was keep receiving an error 'BadRequest' whenever I was trying to create a new resource in Azure. I kept on trying to resolve an error but didn't find any proper solution to it. Initially the message was not much friendly so to dig down further I went through Get-Help of the cmdlet, tried debugging but I was not able to go to any conclusion to resolv…

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Export certificates from Azure Key Vault using PowerShell

While working with Azure Key Vault Certificate Create Azure Key Vault Certificates on Azure Portal and Powershell, Next requirement was to download those certificates from Key Vault. On the Azure Portal choose the SSL Certificate you want to export. Click buttons Download in CER format or Download in PFX/PEM format. 

Microsoft Azure Key Vault Portal certificate activation date subject enabled subject issure CN= sercial dns x.509 sha-1 key identifier secret identifier.png


Here I have written a PowerShell script to perfom the sam…

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Create Azure Key Vault Certificates on Azure Portal and Powershell

I had one requirement to create a SSL certificates on Azure Key Vault, I have Key Vault already deployed with earlier written articles Create key vault and secrets with access policies in Microsoft Azure. I just wanted to create new SSL certificate in it so using managed Identity In the the future my requirement is to access Azure Key Vault Rest API to connect Key vault and access Certificate Me…

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Solved Powershell DSC Error A configuration is pending If you are in Pull Mode please runn Update-DscConfiguration

While working on few Powershell DSC (Desired State Configuration) script and pushing it on remote computer using Start-DscConfiguration command, but I was constantly receiving below error.

A configuration is pending. If you are in Pull mode, please run Update-DscConfiguration to pull a new configuration and apply it. If 
you are in Push mode, please run Start-DscConfiguration command with …

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Get Azure virtual machine backup reports using Powershell

I found my junior colleague are gathering Azure virtual machines backup report manually so I thought to write and pull Azure Virtual Machine Backup (Recovery services vault) report including Backup status and Summary using Microsoft PowerShell script to ease the task.

To check the current backup configuration and status information on the Azure Portal, select Virtual Machine, click Backup in…

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Logging and Working on BitBucket using Git SSH url

This is step by step guide to configuration bitbucket with SCM GIT.exe. I wanted to clone remote BitBucket code repository from server to the local system for script code update/changes and push the changes. The first task is to grab bitbucket repository url, loggin to bitbucket and  click on the clone icon (left side). I wanted to test SSH connection (another option is https). Copy the url lin…

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I'm very impressed ur troubleshooting steps, really it is very much useful to me.. thanks a lot to published this , and we need lot troubleshooting like this

So how do we go about installing AWX since directory installer does not exist.

Thank you! Just what I needed to get past the same error.


if i download awx from git - the directory

sudo git clone
"awx/installer" is not present.

Best regards

Great write up. Thank you. May I know if this step will force all 389 to 636. My objective is to remain 389 and enable 636. slowly transition the application to 636. Then only disable 389. Is this step still allows 389?

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