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VMware vcenter 7.0 A problem occurred during setup Services might not be working as expected 63%

As VMware vSphere 7 version is released recently, I thought of testing and have hands-on on the product, to get further on vCenter server 7.0, ISO file is downloaded from Here I am performing vCenter server deployment and installation steps on VMware workstation, OVA file is located under vcsa folder in the ISO file. Deployments of vCenter is as same as previous versions and ins…

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Ansible get information from esxi advanced settings nested dictionary with unique keynames

After my earlier post ansible create an array with set_fact, I wanted to grab some selected information from VMware ESXi Advanced setting. but the problem was when I use ansible module vmware_host_config_info, information generated here was in below json format. (Note:  There are tons of advanced settings in ESXi, I have just trimmed down json info so I can show what settings i want).

I was…

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ansible create an array with set_fact

In one of my vSphere Ansible automation task, I was looking for to create a new array variable using set_fact. here I have achieved the same task using 2 different playbook with small way procedure. In the both methods on the vars I have defined infra variable where I have defined my VMware esxi servers info as example from line no 6 to 14. Next in the set_fact task with the help of condition in…

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Resolved: Git warning LF will be replaced by CRLF in file

While using git add command I was receiving below error.

warning: LF will be replaced by CRLF in ansible.cfg.
The file will have its original line endings in your working directory

In Unix systems the end of a line is represented with a line feed (LF). In windows a line is represented with a carriage return (CR) and a line feed (LF) thus (CRLF). when you get code from git that was uploaded …

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Ansible selectattr The error was TemplateRuntimeError no test named 'equalto'

I was working on small Ansible playbook project and wrote a msg to filter nested yaml dictionary as below, in the script is was using selectattr() function to list only selected filtered attribute property information.

Getting started Ansible AWX tower for IT automation run first playbook


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Ansible for VMwary Using vmware_vm_inventory dynamic inventory plugin

Since I started using Ansible for VMware management, Daily I am exploring new thing on vSphere Ansible, and stumbled upon interesting dynamic inventory plugin named vmware_vm_inventory from url (for more about parameter check url). The usage of the same is very easy. This plugin helps to get virtual machines as…

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Remote: Permission to UserName/repo.git denied to OtherUserName fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

I was working on the one of the clients project hosted on, I cloned the repo locally added few files to local repo and staged/committed project locally all was good.

git add .
git commit -m 'test'

But when tried to push the changes on remote repo on I was receiving below error. 

git push origin master
remote: Permission to UserName/repo.git denied to Anoth…

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Getting started Ansible AWX tower for IT automation run first playbook

In this article I will show how to use and run basic playbook with Ansible AWX tower portal. Ansible Tower is a Red Hat product it helps you to centralize and control your IT infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, job scheduling, integrated notifications and graphical inventory management. Easily embed Ansible Tower into existing tools and processes with REST API and…

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Using Ansible for Managing VMware vSphere Infrastructure

On this second part article of after How to install Ansible on Linux for vSphere configuration, I have written here 2 Ansible playbook files (play tasks created) to configure VMWare ESXi servers. Language for the ansible playbook files is YAML/YML format. When using Ansible to use on VMware vSphere, pyVmomi python module is required (already installed and shown in earlier article). Ansible u…

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How to sign PowerShell ps1 scripts

By reading the article subject first question rose to the mind why you should sign PowerShell scripts? The answer is whenever we download powershell script or we receive it from another users, The digital signature allows the user to confirm the validity of the certificate used to sign the script. It also allows the user to ensure that the script hasn't been tampered with since it was signed. Al…

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Great job with this script. Works like a champ.

One question, some groups are skipped as it displays "insufficient privileges". Do you know why that is?

Thanks in advance.

This solved the problem in my script which had been running fine for months but broke within the past week unexpectedly. Thanks a bunch!

I believe each app have it's own auth token which gets issued after login with MFA in this case. Each app you configure with conditional access with MFA will ask upon access! I think there are some services that share this token though..

You can lower the MFA requests though by configure MFA for trusted devices in the policy to bypass reauthentication for a chosen period, but this doesn't affect that you still have separate MFA prompts for different apps..

Guess this no longer works. Microsoft forced all Partners to use MFA. I am getting prompted when executing (Connect-msolService -Credential $managedCred). The following code no longer works.

$managedCred = Get-StoredCredential -Target o365
Connect-msolService -Credential $managedCred

What's a good admin PowerShell solution using MFA to authenticate to multiple services?

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